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    • 09/03/2017
    • Press Release - French Bulldogs

    • The huge increase in the popularity of the French Bulldog has created opportunities for unethical breeders to exploit the breed, the blatant disregard for the breed standard, and falsifying of colour, via pattern, enabling breeders to charge from $10,000 upwards for puppies, based on the premise of Exotic and Rare Colours, has prompted the Board of Directors of the Australian National Kennel Council Ltd to establish a “Task Force” to investigate the corrupt practices affecting the breed and to make recommendations to strengthen the Regulations to protect the integrity of the registration process.

      Any information that could be of assistance in the investigations should be directed to a Member Body Office for forwarding to the “Task Force”.

      Members of Task Force

      Hugh Gent OAM
      Brian Parker
      David Sales
      Darren Bowey
      Lynette Brown
      Shane Thomas
      Karen Hedberg
      Virginia Gagan-Wilson

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