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    • 29/06/2015
    • 2019 FCI World Dog Show – China

    • Since the announcement of the awarding of the FCI World Show 2019 to China, a number of Northern Hemisphere Kennel Clubs have indicated that they will boycott the event in, protest against the cruel and barbaric killing of dogs at the Yulin Festival in Guangxi Province.
      The ANKC Ltd Directors share the abhorrence of this sadistic slaughter of dogs which is against all the tenets of Animal Welfare as embraced in Australia, and are fully cognisant of the genuine feelings of the Australian owners, breeders and exhibitors of dogs, who support a boycott of the WDS in China.
      The Board are monitoring the global discussions of the proponents and opponents of the conduct of the WDS in China, and has written to the China Kennel Union seeking information as to the steps they are taking, to persuade the Authorities in Chinese Provinces where the sadistic killing of dogs is still condoned, to outlaw the practice.
      The Board has also written to His Excellency Ma Zhaohxu the Chinese Ambassador in Canberra asking him to use his influence to stop cruel barbaric activities such as the Yulin Festival and have intimated to him that Australia’s support of the WDS is contingent on receiving information that the relevant authorities are moving to ban the sadistic killing of dogs.

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