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    • 04th July 2018
    • Kangal Shepherd Dogs

    • Following a definitive decision by the Köpek Irklari ve Kinoloji Federasyonu (Turkish Kennel Club) the Fédération Cynologique Internationale has advised that Anatolian Shepherd Dogs will now be classified as Kangal Shepherd Dogs, this will have far reaching consequences for the owners of in excess of 2,000 Registered Anatolian Shepherd Dogs in Australia.

      ANKC Ltd does not intend to take any action that will disenfranchise these owners and will engage the Fédération Cynologique Internationale and the Turkish Kennel Club in discussions to mitigate the effects of this decision.

      Hugh Gent OAM
      President & Chairman of the Board
      4 July 2018

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    • 20th February 2018
    • FCI International All Breeds Judges

    • As indicated in a recent post to our Facebook page by the President, the FCI is revamping its Judges Directory, ANKC Judges who are already listed will become FCI Breed Judges, FCI Group Judges or FCI National All Breed Judges.

      If an Australian All Breeds Judge would like to become an FCI International All Breeds Judge they will need to complete the FCI Application Form.

      Click here to access a copy of the form.

      The completed form must be forwarded to the relevant Member Body office for on forwarding to ANKC Ltd.


      All applicants are requested to be patient once ANKC has sent these forms to the FCI as it will probably take some time to process them. Do not download the FCI Form from their website as if you read it, the form has to have the ANKC Logo on it.

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    • 05th December 2017
    • National Agility Committee : Clarification of Rule 4.3 - Height Card

    • Reference is made to Rule 4.3 – Height Card in the updated Rules for the Conduct of Agility Trials which reads:

      4.3 Height Card
      Prior to a dog competing in a trial, an Official Height Card, signed by TWO (ANKC Ltd) Agility Judges or other persons approved by the Canine Control specifying the height or the height category of the dog must be obtained. The height of the dog is to be measured at the highest point of the withers no more than two months before that trial. The Height Card is valid for the life of the dog if they are over 2 years old or the dog is measured at the 600 Height Category. If the dog is under 2 years old a temporary height card will be issued and the dog will be required to be remeasured when the dog is 2 years of age. A permanent Height Card would then be issued.

      Any pass cards issued to the dog during the period of the temporary height card will remain valid.

      The National Agility Committee has confirmed the following interpretation which shall be binding in accordance with the rules:

      If a dog that has been measured is not 2 years old as of the 1st. of January 2018 (with the exception of dogs in the 600 height category) then it will be required to be re-measured when it reaches the age of 2 years of age.

      Tracey Barry
      December 2017

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    • 27th October 2017
    • National Obedience & Tracking Committee : Clarification of Deduction in Utility Class, Signal Exercise Rule

    • Reference is made to the Utility Class, Signal Exercise rule in the current ANKC Ltd Rules for the Conduct of Obedience Trials and in particular to clarification of the highlighted section noted below:

      Deductions – Substantial: For any double signal or failure to sit, stand or down during the heel routine, prolonged signals, slow response to signals.

      The National Obedience & Tracking Committee has confirmed the following interpretation which shall be binding in accordance with the rules:

      A substantial deduction applies where a dog fails to stand on the lead-up to the final portion of the Signal Exercise in the UD Class.

      Tracey Barry
      October 2017

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    • 11th August 2017
    • ANKC withdraws Judging Approval - Mrs Lidija Okleščen (Slovenia)

    • The judging approval of Mrs Lidija Okleščen (Slovenia) to judge in Australia has been withdrawn by ANKC Ltd upon advice received from the Cynological Association of Slovenia.

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    • 20th July 2017
    • International Congress of World Kennel Clubs

    • The Kennel Club (UK) hosted the International Congress of World Kennel Clubs between the 27th and 29th of June 2017. Initially the ANKC Ltd President Mr Hugh Gent OAM was to attend however due to family illness had to withdraw and the ANKC Ltd Vice President Mr Brian Parker attended in his absence.

      The purpose of the Congress was to bring together the world’s leading kennel clubs to discuss current common issues and to plot a path to the future. There were 70 delegates present from 20 countries. From the agenda provided the topics were well thought out and very much of interest to the worlds kennel clubs.

      Some of the principle topics discussed included:

      • Dog Ownership; Global trends including Government and Welfare agency involvement. The topic provided an oversight to the happenings around the globe and the influence that welfare agencies such as PETA and the RSPCA were having on dog ownership. Those kennel clubs best positioned were those that presented the “first Point of Call” option to government.
      • Knowledge Transfer. The subject did not just revolve around knowledge transfer between the kennel clubs but also sharing our vast wisdom to government and the public. The emphasis was placed on the pedigree dog being predictable in coat, size and temperament as compared to a cross bred dog.
      • Judges Education. The presentation was specific to the Kennel Club’s current and proposed Judges Training Scheme and what it meant to visiting and relocating Judges to the UK. An MOU has been signed between the KC and the FCI which means that Australian Judges listed with FCI visiting the UK will be recognised for the breeds they are licenced for with the FCI. This MOU will stand until 2022.
      • Communication and Public Relations. This was presented by Gopi Krishnan who has an extensive background in advertising and IT. The presentations detailed where our adversaries were doing the PR business better than the kennel clubs. He provided demonstrations on smarter and less costly means of communicating our message with the public and government. A major point was that the kennel clubs were losing the connection with the younger generation and focus with our product (Dogs). The presentation showed YouTube videos from the kennel clubs and the vast majority were of conformation. He then showed what the AKC was presenting and these were short videos of breeds growing from puppy to adult and the activities you could do with each. There were also short videos on varying activities. These were uploaded to the AKC’s own registered YouTube site.

      Although there were a range of other topics discussed these were the most relevant to the delegates and produced the most interest. The ANKC Ltd Directors were provided with a full briefing plus copies of the presentations so they may speak further with their Member Bodies.

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    • 07th July 2017
    • Retrieving & Field Trial Hall of Fame - 2017 INDUCTEES

    • The ANKC Ltd Retrieving & Field Trial Hall of Fame pays homage to those PERSONS and DOGS that have made outstanding and significant contributions to the sports of Retrieving or Field Trials.

      As Convenor of the ANKC Ltd Retrieving & Field Trial Hall of Fame Election Panel, it is with pleasure that I announce the inductees for 2017.


      Mr Paul Littlejohn
      Mr Noel Eltringham


      NTL. R.T. CH. Kaemajae Michelle C.M.
      Owned by Mr John Cauchi

      Inductees in the category of Prominent Persons are acknowledged as being exceptional people who have made an outstanding contribution to the sport over an extended period of time.

      Inductees in the category of Outstanding Gundogs are recognized for their outstanding achievements in the disciplines of Retrieving or Field Trials.

      The Election Panel congratulates the new inductees for 2017.


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    • 09th March 2017
    • Press Release - French Bulldogs

    • The huge increase in the popularity of the French Bulldog has created opportunities for unethical breeders to exploit the breed, the blatant disregard for the breed standard, and falsifying of colour, via pattern, enabling breeders to charge from $10,000 upwards for puppies, based on the premise of Exotic and Rare Colours, has prompted the Board of Directors of the Australian National Kennel Council Ltd to establish a “Task Force” to investigate the corrupt practices affecting the breed and to make recommendations to strengthen the Regulations to protect the integrity of the registration process.

      Any information that could be of assistance in the investigations should be directed to a Member Body Office for forwarding to the “Task Force”.

      Members of Task Force

      Hugh Gent OAM
      Brian Parker
      David Sales
      Darren Bowey
      Lynette Brown
      Shane Thomas
      Karen Hedberg
      Virginia Gagan-Wilson

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    • 18th January 2017
    • ANKC Ltd Survey Results - White Swiss Shepherd Dog

    • Recently ANKC Ltd conducted a survey to ascertain the opinion of ANKC Ltd registered White Swiss Shepherd Dog owners in relation to ANKC Ltd accepting for registration Australian born White Swiss Shepherd Dogs registered with the White Swiss Shepherd Dog Club of Australia Inc A0043538A which complied with all the following conditions and would apply to litters born from 1st July 2017, with these dogs being eligible to participate in all relevant ANKC Ltd disciplines: -

      1.1    There are a minimum of 3 generations of White Swiss Shepherd Dogs only;
      1.2    White Swiss Shepherd Dogs cannot be mated to White German Shepherd Dogs;
      1.3    A White Swiss Shepherd Dog cannot be accepted if within 3 generations there was a White German Shepherd Dog used after 1 January 2005;
      1.4    White German Shepherd Dogs or White Coloured German Shepherd Dogs cannot be used or re-registered as a White Swiss Shepherd Dog.

      In order to accept the Australian bred White Swiss Shepherd Dogs into the ANKC Ltd Database Registry, the conditions (as stated above) had to be met.  A majority of registered owners within the breed and responding to the survey had to be in favour before approval would be given by ANKC Ltd for this to proceed.

      The response received from owners has indicated an overwhelming rejection of this recommendation.

      In view of this no action will be taken to implement the recommendation at this stage and the ANKC Ltd Board will discuss the results of this survey at a future meeting.

      Ms Tracey Barry
      ANKC Ltd Administrator

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    • 11th January 2017
    • Love is blind, but it doesn’t have to be

    • Join the movement to keep healthy puppies in homes, where they belong

      Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) pedigree dog breeders are devoted to their dogs and want to see their puppies live long, happy and healthy lives in forever loving homes. Sadly, some dogs suffer from hereditary problems and require ongoing veterinary care, which can be expensive and heartbreaking for everyone.

      The ANKC, the peak body for responsible and ethical breeders in Australia, has launched a public and breeder education movement to complement the RSPCA and Australian Veterinary Association’s joint initiative, Love is Blind, to raise awareness of the animal welfare problems caused by exaggerated physical features and how these problems can be prevented.

      “Love is blind, except, it doesn’t have to be,” said Hugh Gent OAM, President of the ANKC. “The ANKC considers the health and physical welfare of dogs of prime importance and does not support the breeding of dogs with exaggerated features to meet a puppy buyer demand for a certain look.”

      ANKC registered breeders who abide by the Council’s breeding codes and guidelines give careful consideration to health issues, temperament and genetic screening, as well as individual care and placement of puppies in proper homes, explained Mr Gent. “The ANKC continuously reviews Breed Standards to reflect their responsible breeding policy, as well as educating breeders and judges through ANKC membership to breed and exhibit healthy, sound dogs,” he said.

      Not all short-nosed breeds have health problems

      Addressing concerns about the health and wellbeing of brachycephalic (short-nosed) breeds, veterinarian Dr Karen Hedberg, ANKC Canine Health and Wellbeing Committee Chair, said many brachycephalic breeds, such as Pugs, French Bulldogs and British Bulldogs, may be short-faced but not necessarily have breathing difficulties.

      “The breeds that tend to have breathing difficulties have both short noses and loose skin folds. Current ANKC recommendations are not to breed with severely affected individuals,” she said.

      A recent ground-breaking study¹ at Cambridge Veterinary School, UK, showed dogs can be properly sorted into precise groups of degree of breathing difficulties which will make selection of breeding animals more reliable. The ANKC is considering importing similar testing chambers to Australia, said Dr Hedberg.

      To promote the health, functionality and longevity of dogs, many ANKC Breed Clubs also run genetic health schemes, such as CHEDS (Canine Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Scheme) and ACES (Australian Canine Eye Scheme). Through the Canine Research Foundation, the ANKC also actively supports and funds scientific research with various Australian universities for the benefit of all dogs. Funding for the CRF comes from a levy on each puppy registered with the ANKC.

      Educate yourself - give responsibility to buyers

      “We want dogs to live long, healthy, trouble-free lives but part of that responsibility falls on their owners,” said Dr Hedberg.

      “It is the duty of a prospective owner to educate themselves about the breed, inherited diseases - if any - and any recommended health testing for that breed. It is also their responsibility to find and work with a responsible breeder to ensure they are getting the healthiest and most suitable dog for their lifestyle.”

      Dr Hedberg said the ANKC actively promotes efforts to ensure that the public is educated, understands the demands of responsible ownership and have access to healthy, well-bred dogs that are right for them.

      “After they purchase their puppy, owners need to be diligent in the care and overall well-being of their dog by ensuring their exercise, nutrition, veterinary care, vaccinations and other preventative measures that aid in their dog maintaining its best health,” she said. “Given the ongoing demand for puppies, public education about choosing a pure breed suitable for their lifestyle and finding a responsible ANKC-registered breeder are paramount in stamping out irresponsible dog breeders and keeping dogs out of shelters and in homes where they belong.”

      The ANKC affiliated Member Bodies and Breed Clubs help the public locate ethical and credible breeders of healthy dogs in about 200 breeds in Australia.

      “The ANKC urges pet industry bodies and groups to join forces in assisting breeders to breed healthy dogs and assist buyers who wish to buy a purebred dog, to choose healthy puppies by using ANKC-registered breeders,” said Mr Gent.

      For updates on ANKC canine health screening initiatives, follow ANKC Canine Health and Wellbeing. Also check out Forensic View of Puppy Breeding in Australia.

      VIDEO: ‘Puppies! Love will find a way – ANKC’


      Media contacts

      Hugh Gent OAM, ANKC President
      0458 465 124

      Caroline Zambrano
      0403 550 730

      Spokespersons for ANKC affiliated Member Bodies and a number of Breed Clubs are available for interview. Please contact Caroline for details.

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