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National Judge's Code of Practice and Conduct

October 2018

1. A Judge shall act with professional decorum at all times.

2. A Judge shall give every exhibit and exhibitor fair and equal opportunity in each and every class.

3. A Judge shall act in a polite manner whilst carrying out each judging assignment.

4.    A Judge shall present himself/herself in attire that is acceptable, appropriate and comfortable for each judging assignment. Footwear appropriate to the discipline shall be worn. (10/18)

5. A Judge is required to be punctual in availability to fulfil their judging assignment.

6. If in the judging procedures an exhibit displays an obvious physical impediment or is unable to be handled or can be regarded as savage or vicious the exhibit should be excused from the competition, in accordance with the ANKC Ltd Member Body rules/regulations.

7. A Judge shall not enter or exhibit any dog at any Conformation Show at which he or she is appointed to judge.

8. Should an exhibitor offer information to the Judge that may be regarded as designed to influence the Judge, the Judge shall excuse the exhibitor and their exhibit from competition and report the incident in accordance with the ANKC Ltd Member Body rules/regulations.

9. Should a Judge be approached to favour or disfavour a particular exhibit the matter is to be reported to the Administrator of the ANKC Ltd Member Body.

10. Should a Judge be approached with an inducement and/or bribe to advantage or disadvantage an exhibit the Judge is to report the matter in writing to the Administrator of the ANKC Ltd Member Body.

11. A Judge shall not solicit a judging appointment.

12. A Judge shall not solicit or seek entry of any particular dog or dogs.

13. A Judge shall not allow entries for a Conformation Show at which that person is judging to be received at the Judge's address.

14. A Judge shall complete all the requirements of the judging contract promptly. Any verbal acceptance of an assignment by a Judge shall be subject to the receipt of the contract within fourteen (14) days.

15. At the time of completing a contract the Judge shall inform the inviting body of any disability or limitation that could restrict carrying out in full the reasonable handling of all exhibits to be judged.

16. A Judge must not duplicate assignments in the same breeds and or group within a minimum of 3 months of each other and within a minimum of 200 kilometers at Championship Shows. (10/97), (02/15), (10/15). Note: This will not apply to Neuter only shows. (Note added 02/20)

17. A Judge shall honour each contract and will not be free to accept an alternative contract that will effect his or her availability to fulfil the original contract except with the written dispensation of the contracting Club. (05/98)

18. Accommodation provided to the Judge to fulfil an assignment is for the Judge only except where prior mutual agreement has been reached with the sponsoring body for variation.

19. A Judge shall be responsible for the cost of all personal telephone calls, alcoholic beverages and any personal laundering except where mutual agreement has been reached with the sponsoring body at the time the contract is accepted.

20. A Judge who withdraws from any contracted appointment for any reason shall not be permitted to judge at any other canine event wherever held on any date that would prevent him/her from attending the originally contracted event, unless dispensation has been granted in accordance with Clause 17. (05/98)

21 Judges must not smoke nor drink alcohol in the ring.

22 Judges shall not criticise by act or word the work of other judges, nor offer criticism of any previously judged dog(s) to anyone including other officiating judges during the course of the show. Except for authorised ringside mentoring.

23. All judges must judge exhibits in accordance with their relevant ANKC Ltd breed standard. (10/16)

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