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Rottweiler - Natural Bobtail (NBT) Litter Registration Limitation

This survey applies to any Member of a Canine Control affiliated with the ANKC Ltd who is a registered Rottweiler owner. In the interests of the breed, please read this survey carefully.


Access the survey via:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HR7JS7K

The current regulation under Regulations Part 6 The Register & Registrations is as follows:

8.9 Rottweiler
8.9.1 For litters of Rottweilers born where the parents have been born after 1.1.97, these parents must show results of X-rays for hips and elbows. (Amended 10/13 – 5.6.4)

Proposal to add as 8.9.2:
Effective immediately, any Rottweiler born a Natural Bobtail will be eligible to be registered on the Limit Register only and flagged NOT TO BE UPGRADED.

The adopted standard (FCI Standard No: 147) for the Rottweiler within Australia has now been updated as of 24 July 2018. A significant change to this updated standard is that it now reflects the length of the tail: “while positioned along the leg, the tail reaches approximately to the hocks or is a bit longer”, and the Natural Bobtail is listed as a disqualifying fault.

1. Section of FCI Standard No: 147 – 24/7/2018 listing Natural Bobtails as a Disqualifying Fault.
2. Copy Email from Prof Peter Friedrich outlining the ADRK reasons for not recognising NBT’s in the Rottweiler population

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