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Afghan Hound Survey - Minimum breeding age requirements for registration of Afghan Hound puppies on the Main Register

This survey applies to any Member of a Canine Control affiliated with the ANKC Ltd who is the owner of a registered Afghan Hound.  In the interests of the breed, please read this survey carefully.

Responses to the survey are required by 8 October, 2021.

Access the survey via: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NWC7NF2

The ANKC Ltd and the ANKC Ltd National Canine Health and Wellbeing Committee recommend that:

The ANKC Ltd have resolved to conduct a Survey of all Afghan Hound owners recommending that Litter Registration Limitations are to be applied to litters mated on or after 1st June 2022:-

The Minimum Breeding Age for Afghan bitches is 24 months at the time of mating (unless a veterinary certificate is produced stating that for health reasons the bitch should be mated before 24 months) 

If litter registration limitations are approved for the Minimum Breeding Age for Afghan Hound bitches, breeders of litters whelped on or after 1st June, 2022, will be required to comply with the requirements as a prerequisite to registration of any litter on the ANKC Ltd Main Register. Litters which do not meet the above requirements will only be able to be placed on the Limited Register and will be flagged not to be upgraded.

A majority of registered owners within the breed and responding to this survey must be in favour before approval is given by the ANKC Ltd.

The National Afghan Hound Breed Council does not presently have any rule regarding the minimum breeding age for Afghan Hound bitches so is governed by ANKC Regulations Part 6 Clause 8.2 which states ‘the minimum breeding age for bitches across all breeds is 12 months at the time of mating.’

It is considered that an Afghan Hound bitch:

·         is not of adequate maturity to be bred at 12 months of age as she is still developing at this age

·         the Afghan bitch’s health is of prime concern to responsible breeders

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