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    • 20/07/2017
    • International Congress of World Kennel Clubs

    • The Kennel Club (UK) hosted the International Congress of World Kennel Clubs between the 27th and 29th of June 2017. Initially the ANKC Ltd President Mr Hugh Gent OAM was to attend however due to family illness had to withdraw and the ANKC Ltd Vice President Mr Brian Parker attended in his absence.

      The purpose of the Congress was to bring together the world’s leading kennel clubs to discuss current common issues and to plot a path to the future. There were 70 delegates present from 20 countries. From the agenda provided the topics were well thought out and very much of interest to the worlds kennel clubs.

      Some of the principle topics discussed included:

      • Dog Ownership; Global trends including Government and Welfare agency involvement. The topic provided an oversight to the happenings around the globe and the influence that welfare agencies such as PETA and the RSPCA were having on dog ownership. Those kennel clubs best positioned were those that presented the “first Point of Call” option to government.
      • Knowledge Transfer. The subject did not just revolve around knowledge transfer between the kennel clubs but also sharing our vast wisdom to government and the public. The emphasis was placed on the pedigree dog being predictable in coat, size and temperament as compared to a cross bred dog.
      • Judges Education. The presentation was specific to the Kennel Club’s current and proposed Judges Training Scheme and what it meant to visiting and relocating Judges to the UK. An MOU has been signed between the KC and the FCI which means that Australian Judges listed with FCI visiting the UK will be recognised for the breeds they are licenced for with the FCI. This MOU will stand until 2022.
      • Communication and Public Relations. This was presented by Gopi Krishnan who has an extensive background in advertising and IT. The presentations detailed where our adversaries were doing the PR business better than the kennel clubs. He provided demonstrations on smarter and less costly means of communicating our message with the public and government. A major point was that the kennel clubs were losing the connection with the younger generation and focus with our product (Dogs). The presentation showed YouTube videos from the kennel clubs and the vast majority were of conformation. He then showed what the AKC was presenting and these were short videos of breeds growing from puppy to adult and the activities you could do with each. There were also short videos on varying activities. These were uploaded to the AKC’s own registered YouTube site.

      Although there were a range of other topics discussed these were the most relevant to the delegates and produced the most interest. The ANKC Ltd Directors were provided with a full briefing plus copies of the presentations so they may speak further with their Member Bodies.

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