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    • 04/04/2017
    • Press Release - French Bulldogs Taskforce

    • In response to the increasing level of possible fraud in the breeding and registration of French Bulldogs and other breeds, the ANKC Ltd Board of Directors has appointed a Taskforce with the following Remit.

      Identify alleged fraudulent dealings in the ANKC Ltd Registration System, record them and refer them to the appropriate Member Body for investigation.

      Investigate measures to reduce the opportunity for fraudulent dealings in the ANKC Ltd Registration System, including but not limited to DNA Testing, introduction of Litter Registration Limitations and examination of the implementation of Regulations Part 6.
      The Taskforce has received a substantial amount of valuable information from concerned members and in following up this material will be taking the following action.

      Flag all suspect imported dogs and semen.

      Flag all suspected prefixes that have been identified as breeding non allowable coloured dogs.

      Through the appropriate Member Body appoint “Compliance Investigative Panels” to identify breeders and suspected mismarked dogs who are on the Main Register by microchip scanning and visual identification of the colour of the dog, any dogs identified as being registered on the Main Register who are not a recognised colour to be downgraded to the Limited Register.

      Suspected breaches of the Regulations arising from these investigations will be referred to the breeders Member Body for action.
      Although the Taskforce had initially been appointed to address the French Bulldog problem it will also investigate alleged fraudulent breeding and Registration practices in other breeds, including but not limited to, British Bulldogs, Pugs and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

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