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May 2017 Special Board Meeting Summary

At the May 2017 ANKC Ltd Special Board meeting, Directors resolved/considered the following:

1.    Access to ANKC Ltd Database

As a result of a number of unresolved issues in arranging access to the ANKC Ltd database by online entry providers, ANKC Ltd has agreed for an onsite audit of the core business system and supporting infrastructure by an independent consultant with the Executive Committee being authorised to approve the consultant.

2.    Allowable Colours

It was agreed an extension of time be granted to the National Breed Standards Coordination Group to complete the report on Allowable Colours for consideration at the October 2017 Board meeting.

3.    Australian Softnet Services Quotation

It was agreed consideration for the inclusion of ‘patterns’ in the proposed acceptable colour drop-down box enhancement was a good idea and Dr Karen Hedberg should be consulted on this particularly in regards to French Bulldogs.  The Directors also agreed that the allowable colours report being prepared by the National Breed Standards Coordination Group would need to be reviewed before proceeding with this enhancement.

4.    Whole-Body Barometric Plethysmography Chamber

The Board received a report on the funding of the Whole-Body Barometric Plethysmography Chamber.

It was agreed that ANKC would investigate whether the funding to obtain Whole-Body Barometric Plethysmography Chambers could be sourced from the Canine Research Foundation.

5.    FCI Membership

It was agreed that ANKC would sign an agreement to remain an Associate Member of FCI.

6.    Canine Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Scheme (CHEDS)

The CHEDS Appeal procedure and form have now been finalised and will be made available from the ANKC Ltd website at:  http://ankc.org.au/HealthAndWelfare/?id=2516.

7.    Future Direction of ANKC Ltd

It was agreed ANKC conduct three meetings per year with the AGM & Board meeting to remain in October followed by two one-day Special Board meetings to be held in February and June at the Melbourne Qantas meeting rooms.

It was agreed the annual Administrators meeting is to be moved to the Friday of the October AGM & Board meetings with the minutes from this meeting being endorsed at the February Special Board meeting and the Minute Secretary for the Administrators meeting to be provided by the host State/Territory.

It was agreed a Working Party be formed and tasked with reviewing all State/Territory Regulations pertaining to Shows and draft a set of National Regulations to be submitted for consideration at the October Board meeting.


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