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May 2016 Board Meeting Summary

At the May 2016 ANKC Ltd Board meeting, Directors resolved/considered the following:

1. Access to ANKC Ltd Database

It was resolved that parties be provided access to the ANKC Ltd database where they are licensed via the appropriate licensing agreement in accordance with ANKC Ltd regulations.

It was resolved that the ANKC Ltd Board’s preference is for an annual single license fee to be paid by the approved licensees to ANKC Ltd.

A Working Party has been formed to develop the terms of the license agreement for the purpose of access to the ANKC Ltd database by the licensees.

It was resolved that any approved requests for data information from the database be provided subject to the provision and acceptance of a quote based on an hourly rate plus an administrative fee.

2. Colours

The following motion from the October 2015 Board meeting and Electronic Motion #128 were rescinded:

October 2015 Board meeting motion:
It was RESOLVED that in reference to colour, a note be included on any breed standard stating that ‘highly undesirable’ is to be interpreted as not acceptable for inclusion on the Main Register.

Electronic Motion #128
It was RESOLVED that ANKC Ltd determine that 1st January 2017 be the implementation date for the the resolution passed at the October 2015 Board meeting and that prior to that date the Breed Standards Co-ordination Group report to the Board on the implications of implementing this decision.

It was resolved that effective from 1 January 2017 except in the case where National Breed Councils or Breed Clubs have nominated certain Colours not to be placed on the Main register as per regulations Part 6, 6.2.4 Special Conditions for Registration of Certain Breeds (Amended 04/15 EAP)

All other undesirable colours are to be placed on the Main register if desired by the Breeder.

The onus is to be placed on Judges to non award undesirable/highly undesirable colours.

Prior to 1 January 2017, National Breed Councils or Breed Clubs will be invited so that they can nominate certain colours for their specific breeds not to be placed on the Main Register for health reasons and to provide evidence for their request.

It was resolved that the feasibility of using the UK Kennel Club colour drop down box format for acceptable colours for registration be explored and a submission is to be provided at the October 2016 Board meeting.

3. * ANKC Ltd Regulations - Amendments

Amendments to the following regulations have been endorsed.
ANKC Ltd Regulations Part 5 - Show

4. Canine Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Scheme (CHEDS)

It was resolved that CHEDS is only open to ANKC Ltd registered dogs.

An overview of CHEDS, the ANKC Ltd Canine Hip & Elbow Dysplasia Report form and the ANKC Ltd CHEDS Radiologist Panel listing now available from the ANKC Ltd website at: http://ankc.org.au/HealthAndWelfare/?id=2516

5. FCI Membership

The FCI has invited representatives from ANKC Ltd to meet with their Executive Committee in Thuin, Belgium on 15 June 2016. It was resolved that the ANKC Ltd President and Vice President would attend.


* Amended/Updated regulations will be made available from the ANKC Ltd website.



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