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Suspensions - Aggressive Dog

The following is a list of currently suspended aggressive dogs as advised by the relevant Member Body:

DOGS ACT KAIZERSTERN DUKE German Shepherd Dog 2100384132LR 27/08/2016
DOGS WEST VIVALEBULL BRUTUS French Bulldog 4100250705 23/07/2016
DOGS WEST SAMOOKA ARCTIC FIRE Samoyed 6100078091 15/10/2016
DOGS WEST BLUEMOON MAC Sporting Register A0751SR 13/08/2016
DOGS WEST AMASHUTU HEAR ME ROAR Rhodesian Ridgeback 3100298967 05/03/2017
DOGS QUEENSLAND SNOWMARK FM LOUELLA Saint Bernard 4100197484 09/05/2013
DOGS QUEENSLAND DANRITH A MOMENT IN TIME Poodle (Standard) 4100191952 26/05/2013
DOGS QUEENSLAND FIREANDMIST VALOUR OF THE SUN Akita (Japanese) 2100374774 20/10/2013
DOGS QUEENSLAND KYRAJACK SPIRIT O LIFE Rottweiler 4100208880 18/04/2014
DOGS QUEENSLAND DRAYCAN MAKIN WAVES Saint Bernard 4100231116 13/06/2014
DOGS QUEENSLAND RHODIE Associate Register 400581AR 09/08/2014
DOGS QUEENSLAND BITTOORONG HOITY TOITY German Shepherd Dog 4100182475 07/09/2014
DOGS QUEENSLAND MUKARO KISEKIKEI Shar Pei 4100233870 28/03/2015
DOGS QUEENSLAND ELBRYLACH CORDUROY Australian Kelpie 4100245130 13/05/2015
DOGS NT PARATUS GENERAL YUMBO (Al) Rottweiler 3100299469 07/08/2016
DOGS NSW CUDGEGONG JASMINE RAE Australian Cattle Dog 2100381955 01/06/2014
DOGS NSW MORUADA MAWSON GIGOLO German Shorthaired Pointer   2100362199LR 08/06/2014
DOGS NSW GR CH NICQUISTAR ORSOM MAJOR   German Shepherd 2100282171 01/08/2014
DOGS NSW ZANZIPOW POKER FACE EARNEST Basenji 2100364019 16/01/2015
DOGS NSW SINGHA HECTOR German Shepherd Dog 2100338704 21/02/2015
DOGS NSW OSCAR Associate Register 201597AR 27/06/2015
DOGS NSW COLLEGIATE SMOOTH AS SILK Collie (Smooth) 2100394339 02/08/2015
DOGS NSW CHANIEKAN DAME MARGOT FONTEYN Chihuahua (Smooth) 2100402995 22/08/2015
DOGS NSW CH KANIBARU BLACK ELICIA Basenji 6100081252 25/03/2016
DOGS NSW STERLING Associate Register 2002127AR 09/04/2016
DOGS NSW SCHAEFERNHUND BANJA German Shepherd Dog 3100287964 19/04/2016
DOGS NSW ATTHECOVE DE JA VU Bernese Mountain Dog 2100427501 24/06/2016
DOGS NSW WHIRLAWAY SGT PEPPER Greyhound 5100076847 09/11/2016
DOGS NSW KERENSA ENCORE Border Collie 2100463426 30/04/2017
DOGS NSW RHADLON THE GOLDEN CHILD Boxer 2100434857 30/04/2017
DOGS SA DARKFELT ALLEGRO Beagle 5100049887 27/07/2014
DOGS SA VALSTAM JULES ROUT Rottweiler 5100080423 22/03/2015
DOGS SA DESTINYGEM CATCHME IFYOU CAN German Shepherd Dog 5100062797 06/09/2015
DOGS SA LEXI Associate Register 500990AR 30/04/2016
DOGS SA HIGHRISE CRAWFORD Border Collie 5100054830 29/10/2016
DOGS SA KAYLADENE BLAZE OF GLORY Border Collie 3100196456 01/03/2017
DOGS SA OSTOJA STRAWBERRY FIELDS German Wirehaired Pointer 5100058381 13/05/2017
DOGS VICTORIA VOLANE IZOVA CHEROKEE Bullmastiff 3100221663 07/12/2013
DOGS VICTORIA SCHAFERDEN NIGHT COMMANDER Maremma Sheepdog 3100281832 27/12/2013
DOGS VICTORIA TOPBULLDOGS FLORIANA British Bulldog 3100285795 09/03/2014
DOGS VICTORIA RAMADANES DODGE Great Dane 4100232276 10/05/2014
DOGS VICTORIA GIDAY CROSS FIRE AT BLYTHSWOOD RN Poodle (Standard) 3100257536 27/09/2015
DOGS VICTORIA KAZKIRI XIVAS MA BELLE AMIE German Shpeherd (LSC) 3100310493 31/10/2016
DOGS VICTORIA CH CARVANCRIVER ARCHIE Labrador Retriever 4100232815 10/02/2017
DOGS VICTORIA WHITEWARRIOR NAKOMAS CALLING Alaskan Malamute 3100342778 08/06/2017

[NOTE:  Member Bodies must advise ANKC Ltd once the suspension has been lifted in order for entries to be removed from the above listing.]

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